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(You can buy some of my work online at Warehouse23 or DriveThroughRPG.)

This site belongs to Phil Masters, a role-playing games writer. As it is intended as both the traditional 'Web ego-trip and a (fairly) serious advertisment of my talents, I've split most of the content out into a handful of secondary pages, and set up links to these below. If anyone wants to know more about me personally, well, most of what I'd want to say is on this site somewhere, or on sites linked from here.

(Actually, rather to my bemusement, I find that I'm the subject of a Wikipedia page -- but when last I looked, that was, as they say, just a stub. I also get a page on TV Tropes.)

Any comments, jeers, job offers, etc. - please e-mail me on (For that matter, if anyone wants any hints as to where to find out material with which to expand that Wikipedia page...) Technical and formal questions regarding the site should be directed to me in my guise as

Themes and Variations

Role-Playing Games, including my work in the field, some of my PCs, and so on.

My professional fiction writing work, and a few other matters relating to science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk.

My Flickr photostream.

My (Very Occasional) Blog on blogspot.

Incidentally, for anyone who was wondering -- this is me:Phil Masters

Angela Masters...and this is the brains of the outfit.


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