Kingdom of Champions Errata

Credits: The title page is OK, but some credits got edited out of the text. To preserve fairness:

Alison Brooks and Dave Flin were responsible for much of the factual text; they also provided many game ideas, especially on the New Knights. Albion is Alison's creation; Dave also came up with The Sacrifice (Pete Marsh).
John Mersh created Blazon, Mole, and Partisan.
Oliver Macdonald created Swift Swallow.
Richard Howe provided ideas used in Yeoman and WeatheRing.
Jon Marshall-Potter designed much of STOP's structure.

(And all the players mentioned on the title page influenced the game material to greater or lesser extents.)

p.10: There some text missing from the Example in column 2. It should read:

The Bayou prowler is the terror of the New Orleans underworld; he has a Reputation for this. In Louisiana, NPCs know him on 14-, but the GM has said that the characters will be recruited to a UN global team, and in Europe or Asia, the 'Prowler is just someone who gets rare mentions in the foreign news sections... (and so on)

p.21: On this map, "3" is some way off to the right.

p.22: On this map, "3A" is located in the park at bottom left.

p.25: Place additional numbers on this map: 7 immediately right of 13; 8 two rooms up from 9; 10 in the middle of the gallery on the right upstairs.

p.29: The pound sterling and dollar prices for petrol are the wrong way round (and are rather inaccurate by now, anyway).

p.35: The map heading should be "Sites in England, Wales, and the Scottish Lowlands".

p.35: The Humber Bridge is labelled as "Number".

p.41: No, I don't know what the fellow on the right of the illustration is supposed to be, either. Scots? Italian? Space alien?

p.67: Column one: a zero drifted in. The INLA had an estimated 100 members at that time.

p.71 (on): The scenario has overflowed its box. It continues from the top of column 2, and on to subsequent pages.

p.91: The data on the women's services - especially the references to "WAACS" and "WAAFS" - are seriously out of date.

p.92: Assault ships are capable of landing 650 marines into battle, and are armed with missiles for defence.

p.101: Illustration: Please note that a cricket wicket has three stumps.

p.124: Dr GoldWing has INT 28, and does 3.5D6 with his Jab, 7.5D6 with his Hook.

p.135: Change mentions of "Wood-Brother" to "Earth-Brother".

p.158: Note that each of the Four Winds has a Multipower when not linked to a suitable power source via a circlet, and an Elemental Control when so linked. The powers and modifiers in brackets depend on the power source; for each, the Multipower is as large as the largest slot, and all the slots are variable.

p.160: Breaking Glass's Rival is a senior VIPER Covert Agent, and she has a Secret ID and a 22pt. Villain Bonus.

p.168: DarkWing: Replace the first line in the character box with:

Use Dr GoldWing's character sheet for DarkWing, but DarkWing's...

p.175: The character box heading should be "STOP Agent". The powers list makes perfect sense if you guess right what the line spacing/structure should be.

p.179: Strictly speaking, the first visitors to the islands must have been pre-Celtic.

p.191-193: Throughout this scenario (The Coast is Clear), replace any references to "Sussex" with "Suffolk".

p.206: One book title under "History and Archaeology" was incomplete. It should have been "Scotland, Bloody Scotland".

p.207: The second line of the first para should read:

"...might be places to start; note that the emphasis here is on detection...


Most British spy stories and thrillers..."

p.207: Sorry about the cross-reference to another appendix (on other Hero System material and the UK) which got squeezed out.