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This is a list of conventions and events, taking place in the British Isles, with at least some significant role-playing games element. I try to keep it current, but I make absolutely no guarantees about anything I mention. I reserve the right not to include events that appear to be only very marginally relevant to RPG'ing, and I have a bias in favour of 'tabletop' RPGs.

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I once saved the text of a Usenet discussion on the art of UK RPG convention organisation; it's on this site as ConOrganising.txt. It's probably partly out of date these days. Anyone interested in the subject might also do very well to look at the notes on the subject published by the organisers of Concrete Cow.

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The Events

September 2016

24th September: Raiders of the Game Cupboard XXXVI, at Waterside Community Centre, Heath Road, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent, DE15 9LF, from 10am until 8pm. Event Fee: £3.00 (accompanied children under 16 free). The organisers say, "A full day of gaming with plenty for everyone. New players are always welcome, and the organisers are on hand to assist you in finding a game. A wide variety of games are usually played, including boardgames, roleplaying games, card games, miniature games and a host of others. There is usually a good mix of new and old games on offer with most attendees bringing some of their own. The organisers often bring games from their collections; please ask if there is something you wish to play or have us bring. If you have ideas for the day let us know. Sign in Desk for all games; Tea & Coffee Provided.

"Whilst children are welcome, attendees younger than 18 should be accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian. None of the organisers are insured, qualified, certified or trained to be responsible for minors." E-mail for more information.

24th September: HATE OSR CON , at The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, 42 Pollard Row, London E2 6NB, from 9.30am to 6.30pm. To quote the organisers, "The Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiast's OSR CON is a small convention aimed at recreating and reimagining the best of the early days of roleplay. We've got games of Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, Lamentations Of The Flame Princess, Red And Pleasant Land, a Traveller / Stars Without Number Black Hack mashup, Bushido, Mutant / Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and Top Secret games scheduled. A £5 ticket gets you into the convention and two 3 and a half hour games. Since we play in private bar, the event is 18+ only." Website:

November 2016

5th November: South Oxfordshire Gaming Day (SOXS) 2016, at Radley Village Hall; Doors open at 10.30am. For more details, watch

12th November: GROGMEET 2016, at "Mad Labs", Manchester (address appears to be 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN), from 10.15–17.00 with the RPG sessions running from noon. Tickets are £10, or free to Patreon $5 backers of The GROGNARD Files. "It’s a day of Old School gaming which will end in the official launch of the first ever annual the GROGNARD files ‘zine. ... Sign-up for the RPG sessions will be available nearer to the event and will be released to Patreon backers first." See for more details, including a list of games running and a link for ticket purchases.

19th-20th November: Beacon "The Two Towers", at Belfast Boat Club. "Featuring: Gilgamesh LARP, Dark Heresy LARP, Vampire Competition ... Call of Cthulhu Competition, and much, MUCH more." See for more details, or, on Facebook,

December 2016

3rd December: Dragonmeet, at Novotel London West, Hammersmith, London. To quote, "Dragonmeet is one of the most vibrant tabletop gaming conventions and the largest of its kind in London. You'll discover a day jam-packed with things for you to do. Expect new and old games to play, industry panels, book signings, art show, bring & buy, cosplay events, lots of new traders and big demos, tournaments and of course the chance to make new friends and hang out with fellow gamers! This year we've moved to a big venue in Hammersmith with more gaming space, more room for RPG's, more demo space and more traders. You can expect boardgames, roleplaying games and miniatures games, tournaments plus an evening of gaming including the charity auction. Explore the menu above or below to find out more about 'the UK's friendliest games convention'". It's certainly one of the U.K.'s biggest RPG-focused events.

£12 on the door, £10 in Advance; under 16s free with adults. Buy 6 tickets and you get one free and 2015 Prices; bring 10 and you get 2 tickets free and 2015 prices. See for more details.

January 2017

6th-8th January: Stabcon 2017, at the Britannia Hotel, Dialstone Lane, Stockport. The latest in an extremely long-running string of twice-yearly general games conventions, including a bit of roleplaying. E-mail for booking information.

25th-30th January: ConTingency 2017, at Sandy Balls Holiday Village, Godshill, Fordingbridge, The New Forest, Hampshire, SP6 2JZ. See for more information.

February 2017

25th-26th February: Revelation, at the Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. "A Powered by the Apocalypse Gaming Convention ... Revelation is a UK based roleplaying games convention that meets once per year at the Garrison Hotel in Sheffield. We have space for 80 gamers to come and play ‘Powered by the Apocalypse’ roleplaying games. The games timetable will be offering all day Saturday and Sunday games alongside 4 hour slot games. Sign up for a rich array of gaming experiences and explore the many worlds of the Apocalypse." See for more information.

April 2017

7th-9th April: Conpulsion Underworld, at Teviot Row House, Edinburgh. "Scotland's biggest weekend gaming convention" -- the latest in a long-running and successful series of Edinburgh conventions run by GEAS, the Edinburgh University Roleplaying Society. See for more information and news as plans develop.

August 2017

12th-13th August: Shacon, at the Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. "The UK's dedicated Savage Worlds RPG convention"; See for more details.

Regular Events

The London Indie RPG Meetup Minicon ("Play small press/indie RPGs") runs one Saturday a month. For location and other details, see or e-mail

Board Game, Wargame, and CCG Cons and "Events"


These are giant wargames, taking most of a day or more, often with some element of role-playing. Most are run in London, some elsewhere. Last I knew, the organisers had a 'Web page, at, and could be contacted at


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