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This is a list of conventions and events, taking place in the British Isles, with at least some significant role-playing games element. I try to keep it current, but I make absolutely no guarantees about anything I mention. I reserve the right not to include events that appear to be only very marginally relevant to RPG'ing, and I have a bias in favour of "tabletop" RPGs.

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Organisers Note:

Mail If you want your convention listed here, e-mail me with a date, URL, and any information that you want mentioned here, up to a couple of short paragraphs' worth.

Advice on Organising Conventions:

I once, long ago, saved the text of a Usenet discussion on the art of UK RPG convention organisation; it's on this site as ConOrganising.txt. It's doubtless largely out of date these days, but it might still have its uses. Anyone interested in the subject might also do very well to look at the notes on the subject published by the organisers of Concrete Cow.

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The Events

December 2023

2nd December: Dragonmeet 2023, at the Novotel Hammersmith, London, W6 8DR. Britain's primary convention dedicated to RPGs, which has now been running for decades; features will include a trade hall (promised to be bigger than ever this year), game sessions, panels, book signings, an art show, bring & buy, cosplay events, and so on. See the Web site at for details, and you can buy tickets from

January 2024

5th-7th January: Stabcon 2024, at The Guildhall, 169-171 Wellington Rd South, Stockport, SK1 3UA. A long-running, informal tabletop games convention, which always features some roleplaying. As it is no longer residential, members have to sort out their own accommodation. ("There are several hotels in the area plus various AirBnBs and other options.") Full weekend membership is 17.50 before Nov 30, 20 after; single-day membership is 8.75 before Nov 30, 10 after. Contact for a membership form.

March 2024

30th-31st March: Conpulsion 2024, at The Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ. A well-established university-based convention; just the date and location announced so far. Watch for more details as they're announced.

May 2024

31st May-2nd June: UK Games Expo 2024, at The NEC, Birmingham. Britain's biggest general games convention, with lots of RPG sessions (generally run in the adjacent Hilton hotel) among other features. Prices depends on ages, number of days, etc., and aside from the Hilton, there are several convenient hotels for accommodation (though those fill up quite fast). Just a preliminary date announcement so far ("Trade enquiries from October 2023, Ticket sales live from December 2023"), but early e-mail enquiries can apparently go to; watch for more details as they're announced.

June 2024

July 2024

26th-29th July: Continuum 2024, at Cranfield University CMDC, Wharley End, Cranfield, MK43 0AW. (Note: this location has changed due to an unexpected cancellation by the usual venue.) This long-running, previously biannual convention has now gone annual. So far,just the dates and venue have been announced for 2024; "Registrations will open Early 2024.". Watch for more information.

Regular Events

The London Indie RPG Meetup Minicon ("Play small press/indie RPGs") runs one Saturday a month. For location and other details, see or e-mail


These are giant wargame/simulation games, taking most of a day or more, often with some element of role-playing. Many are run in London, others elsewhere. For more explanation, see; there's a calendar of upcoming megagames in the UK (and elsewhere in Europe) at

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