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This is a list of conventions and events, taking place in the British Isles, with at least some significant role-playing games element. I try to keep it current, but I make absolutely no guarantees about anything I mention. I reserve the right not to include events that appear to be only very marginally relevant to RPG'ing, and I have a bias in favour of 'tabletop' RPGs.

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I once saved the text of a Usenet discussion on the art of UK RPG convention organisation; it's on this site as ConOrganising.txt. It's probably partly out of date these days. Anyone interested in the subject might also do very well to look at the notes on the subject published by the organisers of Concrete Cow.

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The Events

May 2017

20th-21st May: Four Rivers Gaming Convention, at the Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4J (using the Great Hall and the Turbinia Atrium around The Turbinia Steamship). Running 11-4pm and 7-11pm on Saturday (the evening gaming period forms part of the Late Shows, and a pay bar will be available), 11am-3pm on Sunday; "a two-day gaming convention ... featuring tabletop role-playing games, wargames, board games, collectable card games, and live role-playing games (LARP) ... aims to bring together the established roleplaying, wargaming, boardgaming, and LARP groups within the North East to share their hobby with each other, and those entirely new to the hobbies" -- this seems quite oriented toward demo games to bring in new gamers, but more importantly, it's Free Admission. See their Facebook page or the discussion on UK Roleplayers for more information.

June 2017

2nd-4th June: UK Games Expo, at the National Exhibition Centre and Hilton Metropole, Birmingham. As they say, "UKGE is the largest hobby game convention and the fourth largest in the world. With games from every genre of hobby games and 25,000+ attendees you are sure to find a game to suit you and someone to play it with." RPGs are only a fraction of the show, but that still makes for a lot of roleplaying.

Entry is 13/22/28 for 1/2/3 days for adults, 8/14/18 for young adults (11-16 years), and 35/50/70 for a family ticket (covering two adults and two young adults). See for more information.

17th June: Con-Quest Nottingham 2017, at the Nottingham Hilton Hotel, Milton Street, NG1 3PZ. "Con-Quest is a one day show packed with all manner of gaming activities and trade stands, with a strong focus on role playing games..." Runs from 10:00am to 7:00pm; see for more details.

July 2017

7th-9th July: Summer Stabcon 2017, at the Britannia Hotel, Dialstone Lane, Stockport. The latest in an extremely long-running string of twice-yearly general games conventions, including a bit of roleplaying. E-mail for booking information.

22nd-23rd July: PaizoCon UK 2017, at Aston, Birmingham. A convention dedicated to the Pathfinder RPG (and run by the Pathfinder Society). Not much more information at the time of writing, but watch their 'Web site at for news as it comes.

August 2017

11th-13th August: Britcon, at the Manchester University. This is actually "the UK's biggest residential multi-period, multi-ruleset historical wargames competition", but apparently there'll be some RPGs there for the first time this year; see for any announcements.

12th-13th August: Shacon, at the Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. "The UK's dedicated Savage Worlds RPG convention"; see for more details.

September 2017

16th September: Concrete Cow 17, at the Old Bath House, 205 Stratford Road, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5RL. As usual, doors open at 9.00am, first games start at 10.00am, finish at 11.00pm. "Any tabletop roleplaying game. You want to play it, bring it along and run it. ... (Note that it's generally RPGs that get played, with the odd boardgame happening in breaks between games, or during a slot with people at a loose end.)" This regular event usually features a trader or two, including Leisure Games, during the day, and a charity raffle.

Admission is 5.00; under 16s are free, but the organisers state that they can't take responsibility for them. For more information, including details of game slots and sign-up arrangements, see

22nd-24th September: AmberCon UK 2017, at Harben House, Newport Pagnell. A convention (obviously) dedicated to the Amber Diceless RPG. 145 for residential membership, 65 for non-residential, 50 to stay on for Sunday night, 20 for the banquet on Saturday night. All queries, games, registrations and money to AmberCon UK, 62 Newcastle Road, Reading, RG2 7TS, or 'phone 0118 9018776, or e-mail

November 2017

9th-12th November: Indiecon 2017, which was scheduled for this weekend, is CANCELLED due to venue problems.

11th November: GROGMEET 17, at at Manchester's Mad Lab, "in the heart of the city's Northern Quarter", from 9.00am - 6.00pm.. To quote, "You'll be able to play two games during the day, hosted by fantastic Games Masters, who will be bringing the best of old school games: Judge Dredd RPG, Paranoia, Warhammer Fantasy Role-playing and Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes; and new editions of old favourites, such as Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest and D&D. There'll be some vintage miniatures too, in a pick up and play game within the Dwarven Forge."

More details are at, or visit to purchase tickets.

December 2017

2nd December: Dragonmeet, at Novotel London West, Hammersmith. Not much information yet, but this is the big UK national one-day RPG event. Booking should apparently open in June; watch for that and other details.

February 2018

24th-25th February: Revelation 2018, at the Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. A convention focusing on the "Powered by the Apocalypse" system. Watch for more information.

March 2018

9th-11th March: ConVergence UK, at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre. I don't have much on this at present, but I'm sure that more will be announced in due course.

17th March: Con-Quest York 2018, at the Merchant Taylors' Hall, Aldwark, York, YO1 7BX. "Con-Quest is a one day show packed with all manner of gaming activities and trade stands, with a strong focus on role playing games..." Runs from 10:00am to 7:00pm; see for more details.

Regular Events

The London Indie RPG Meetup Minicon ("Play small press/indie RPGs") runs one Saturday a month. For location and other details, see or e-mail

Board Game, Wargame, and CCG Cons and "Events"


These are giant wargames, taking most of a day or more, often with some element of role-playing. Most are run in London, some elsewhere. Last I knew, the organisers had a 'Web page, at, and could be contacted at


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