Some of My RPG PCs

Just for general amusement, I've put a few of my RPG PCs online over the years, starting with a number from an Ars Magica campaign in which I used to play:
  Joach of Verditius, a hunchbacked puppeteer-magus.
Lady Marta de Colombiers de Plaintel, a broad-minded aristocrat.
Eberhardt, a mercenary captain in her service. Robert, her bodyguard.
And Some Grogs in Service to the Covenant:
One-Eyed Jacques, Commander of the Defences.
Abel "the Smuggler" Alain "the Warrior" Young Caspar Elli "the Crossbow"
Francis "the Angry" Garth "the Troll-Son" Iussuf the Turcopole Jehan the Vilicus
Sergo the Veteran Zane "the Fae"    
What Else... Oh yes, there's a PBEM In Nomine game character. Unfortunately, the game she was designed for has been cancelled, but anyway:
Siobahn, Kyriotate of the Lightning
Talking of PBEM characters, I've been in two such Castle Falkenstein games which sadly folded. I still have some fond memories of the characters in question:
Anthony Brock Miss Rebecca Eversham-Mayne
A do-gooding jazz musician for Noir, from yet another game which appears to be defunct:
Steve Korsken.
A high-minded Brazilian inventor from a GURPS 3rd edition steampunk game:
Henrique Theodore.
An embittered slave, doomed to participate in the downfall of Atlantis in her GURPS 4th edition game:
An army officer with strange talents from a GURPS 4th edition game "Weird War II" campaign:
Major Brian Kingsthorpe.
And a very, very straightforward longsword fighter from yet another 4th ed game:
Arnold (van) Hauer.
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